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FBI Exec's Book Called a "Must Read" by Entrepreneur Magazine

Updated: 4 days ago

Freiling Agency is excited to announce a publishing and platforming partnership with renowned scientist, author, and media personality Dr. Michael Guillen, along with Accelarise Media, to introduce an enlightening and captivating book series titled "Science Simplified With Dr. G." Dr. Guillen, a distinguished scientist with a triple PhD in physics, astronomy, and mathematics from Cornell University, is also the Emmy-winning Science Editor for ABC News, recognized for his contributions to programs such as Good Morning America, World News Tonight, Nightline, and 20/20.

The collaboration between Freiling Agency, Dr. Michael Guillen, and Accelarise Media will offer readers a series of titles that will make complex scientific concepts accessible, understandable, and engaging for readers of all backgrounds. The "Science Simplified With Dr. G" series will cater to a diverse audience, from lifelong science enthusiasts to newcomers seeking to expand their understanding of the world around them.

With his vast knowledge and experience, Dr. Guillen has a unique ability to communicate intricate scientific ideas in an approachable and relatable manner. His unparalleled combination of academic prowess, media proficiency, and bestselling authorship positions him as the ideal guide to unravel the mysteries of the universe through the pages of this series.

Freiling Agency’s proprietary platforming services amplify authors and their books. “Unless

you find a way to break through the noise, you’ll never be heard,” said Christen Jeschke, the agency’s Vice-President. “Our social media outreach strategies are focused on more than creating posts and buzzwords. Instead, we collaborate with our clients to craft a unique message that resonates, catapulting them toward becoming key influencers.”

"We are honored to work with Dr. Michael Guillen and Accelarise Media on this exciting endeavor," stated Tom Freiling, Chairman and CEO. "This collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to fostering education, curiosity, and accessible learning. Through the Science Simplified With Dr. G series, we hope to ignite a passion for science and exploration in readers of all ages."

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