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Updated: 4 days ago

By Tom Freiling

Tiran Jackson, MBA, CVP, represented and published by the Freiling Agency, has taken the country by storm with his powerful book, "Choosing Resilience." Through this poignant work, Tiran shares his personal journey of triumph over unimaginable adversity, igniting a fast-growing speaking and consulting business that is transforming lives across the globe.

Tiran's career in STEM and engineering was a testament to his dedication and hard work. He soared through the ranks, achieving remarkable success and recognition in his field. However, fate had a different plan for him. A sudden and devastating loss shook the very foundations of his life when he unexpectedly lost the love of his life. To compound the emotional turmoil, Tiran faced physical challenges after a horrific accident resulted in the permanent handicap of losing his left leg.

In the face of such profound loss and adversity, many would crumble, their dreams shattered like fragile glass. But Tiran Jackson is no ordinary individual. Driven by an unyielding spirit, he chose a different path—a path of resilience and hope. His book is a candid and heart-rending account of his journey through grief, physical pain, and emotional turmoil. With unflinching honesty, he lays bare the depths of his struggles and the moments of despair that threatened to engulf him. Yet, amidst the darkness, he found the power of resilience.

Through the pages of his book, Tiran imparts invaluable lessons to his readers. He shares the transformative power of embracing adversity as an opportunity for growth, an avenue to explore untapped inner strength. Drawing from his own experiences, Tiran provides a blueprint for navigating life's harshest storms and emerging stronger on the other side.

As "Choosing Resilience" struck a chord with readers worldwide, Tiran Jackson's wisdom and compelling narrative caught the attention of the motivational speaking circuit. Today, he stands as an influential and sought-after motivational speaker, empowering audiences through his virtual sessions and captivating keynote speaking engagements. With eloquence and a genuine passion for uplifting others, Tiran draws from the depths of his own life-altering experiences to inspire individuals and organizations alike. His talks transcend mere motivational jargon; they are a raw, authentic reflection of human resilience and the triumph of the human spirit.

At the heart of Tiran Jackson's speaking and consulting business lies a profound mission—to help others navigate their own trials and tribulations, transforming setbacks into stepping stones. Through his powerful speeches, he sparks a collective awakening, leading individuals to confront their challenges head-on and uncover the seeds of resilience within. Tiran's consulting services provide tailored guidance to individuals and organizations seeking to build resilience and foster a culture of growth and adaptability. His insights help leaders understand that adversity can be a catalyst for positive change, both personally and professionally.

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