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James E. Ward: CEO of Media Company Tops Charts With New Book

Updated: May 7


James Ward, a dynamic author and motivational speaker, has long fueled his passion for empowering individuals to overcome adversity and achieve success. His latest book, Zero Victim, proved to be a game-changer for him and countless individuals seeking inspiration and guidance in their own lives.

The Book: Zero Victim

Zero Victim is not simply a self-help book; it became a motivational charge for reclaiming personal power and restoration in the face of life's challenges. Drawing from his own experiences and research, James Ward outlined practical strategies for shifting from a mindset of victimhood to one of empowerment and resilience.

National Media Features

Upon its release, Zero Victim resonated with audiences nationwide. Its powerful message attracted the attention of prominent media outlets. Features on CNN and the Dr. Phil TV show brought James Ward and his book into the national spotlight, further amplifying its impact and reach.

Impact on Speaking Engagements

The national media exposure propelled James Ward's speaking career to new heights. Organizations, universities, and conferences across the country sought him out to deliver keynote addresses and motivational talks based on the principles outlined in Zero Victim. His compelling storytelling and actionable insights inspired audiences to break free from limiting beliefs and take control of their destinies.

CEO of Chicago TV and Digital Media Company

In addition to his success as an author and speaker, James Ward's visibility and influence caught the attention of industry leaders. Recognizing his talent for communication and leadership, he was offered the role of CEO at Total Living Network (TLN), a prominent Christian television network based in Chicago that reaches millions of households across the United States with its programming focused on faith, family, and Christian values.

Key Factors Contributing to Success

  • Compelling Message: The message of Zero Victim resonated universally, empowering individuals seeking reconciliation in their lives.

  • National Media Exposure: Features on CNN and the Dr. Phil TV show provided invaluable exposure, elevating James Ward's profile and credibility as an authority on personal development.

  • Authenticity and Relatability: James Ward's authenticity and personal journey resonated with audiences, fostering deep connection and trust.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Opportunities stemming from his book's success led to strategic partnerships and career advancements, such as his appointment as CEO of a prominent media company.


Through the success of "Zero Victim," James Ward impacted countless lives and achieved significant career milestones. From national media features to nationwide speaking engagements and a CEO role, his journey exemplifies the transformative power of resilience, determination, and a message that resonates deeply with audiences. Zero Victim not only propelled James Ward to national prominence but also inspired individuals nationwide to embrace their power and rewrite their own stories of success.

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